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One of the main goals of Joel 2:25 M.A.N.S. meetings is to help men with SSA develop healthy affirming male relationships with other men in their day to day lives. Our meetings (whether in person or virtual) provide a safe environment for men to encourage each other to stretch outside of their comfort zones, access and process their core and counter emotions, and assertively re-engage the broader world of men.
We support each other in healing the underlying emotional wounds and relational brokenness typically associated with Same-Sex Attraction. This enables us to more assertively engage and re-engage - bringing healing to other men in our day to day lives. We recognize that while some emotional wounds are commonly associated with same-sex attraction, there are plenty of other men who have been wounded emotionally or relationally in a variety of other ways.
"Thank you so much. This support has been amazing!"
"My whole mood in general is improving"
"I have found a lot of freedom and I want to tell the World."
"I'm excited that we now have meetings in Portuguese."
"My life was completely upside down, but the friends I've made showed me love right where I was. Over time, every aspect of my life has turned around for the better."
- J
"I've only been on this 'journey' a short time. After several gay relationships though, I realized I wasn't ever really happy or fulfilled. I'm glad to have found Joel 2:25."
We also have Small Group video-conferences and private discussion forums in several languages:
"I've really bonded with my Small Group."
Young Adults Small Groups(18-27)
Led by Rojan
Group #1
Every Sunday at 18:30 GMT

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Additional Groups Forming Soon to accommodate other schedule needs
About Us
“See, I am sending you out like sheep into the midst of wolves; so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves."
- Matthew 10:16
"These meetings are all very helpful."
"By far, JOEL group is the best in my estimation. This is due to the on-going and on-line format."

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